Kinesiology is a comprehensive healing modality combining techniques from both Eastern & Western Medicine. Kinesiology looks at the whole of the human being, exploring the interrelating elements of the physical, functional, mental, emotional and energetic, as well as environmental impacts.

Using gentle muscle monitoring, we can access the body’s bio-feedback mechanism (our unconscious ability to function) to discover imbalances in the body system affecting health & wellbeing.  Kinesiology can identify & indicate what is needed to rebalance the affected systems, allowing healing to occur via the body’s self-healing process.

Our body systems have a marvellous ability to compensate for any stress imbalance… but stress can impact all areas of life from the most minor symptom to a major incident.

Your Body, Your Journey… Kinesiology sessions are unique to you!  Every Kinesiology ‘balance’ caters specifically to the individual patterns and needs of the client in that moment.

A wide variety of conditions can benefit from Kinesiology as it focuses on rebalancing the mind-body-spirit connection. Benefits are experienced on all levels of being – physical, functional, emotional, psychological & energetic – allowing for greater health & success in all areas of life.

Emotional Modulation
Energy levels
Brain function (conscious and unconscious)
Sensory imbalance
Survival emotions
Increased clarity, focus, choice
Limiting beliefs
Learning issues
System Integration