What happens during a Kinesiology session?

The session starts with discussion, exploring how you have come to be where you are now.

Then you lay fully clothed on a massage table and together we explore what is going on for you in relation to your issue (via discussion and muscle monitoring).

You are fully engaged throughout the session as we explore, consciously and subconsciously, what you led you to where you are right now and what you need moving forward.

At times, there may be sitting, standing or movement required.

How many sessions do I need?

One session can be beneficial to rebalance your system to whatever life issue you are experiencing.

Two or three sessions could be useful to delve more deeply into any ingrained patterns you have.

If your issue has been around a while, consider that it may take a bit longer to work through.

Can I have a Kinesiology session if I am seeing other health practitioners?

Yes, you can. Kinesiology aims to support anything else you are doing regarding your health.

And perhaps clearing stress in your body systems with Kinesiology may help you achieve your other health goals with more ease.

When should I come back in future?

Times of Stress or Times of Change!

After you have experienced Kinesiology and feel balanced, better able to cope with what life throws at you, you can come back in future if you feel out of balance again or have something else to work with.

The goal is to support you to balance your own mental and physical wellbeing in life.