Contact Rachel to see whether a Kinesiology balance can help you, or book a session:

  • Phone or SMS on 0409 000 191


Kinesiology Session (90mins): $180

Payment via cash, PayID, or credit card

Location: Footscray (near the Hospital)

Session Times

  • Weekdays: during school hours
  • Outside of school hours sessions are limited, but available by arrangement
  • Weekend appointments also available by arrangement

Please contact Rachel directly to arrange a session time that suits you.

Session Duration

All sessions are 90 minutes duration.

Be aware some sessions may run a little over-time, depending on what is presenting.

However if an appointment does fully complete in under an hour (for various reasons), the ‘complete under 60 minute’ cost will be applied instead by Rachel at the end of the session.

‘Complete in up to 60min session’ cost: $120

Younger Child Sessions

Children of all ages respond very well to Kinesiology.

Yes, even working with young babies and toddlers as we can surrogate via a parent or guardian.

The style of Kinesiology Rachel favours is strongly geared toward supporting children on all levels including learning, behaviour, integration, modulation and development.

Online Sessions

The marvels of modern technology!

If you are unable to physically attend an appointment, online sessions are available on request.