Holistic Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a comprehensive healing modality combining techniques from both Eastern & Western Medicine.

Kinesiology looks at the whole of the human being, exploring the interrelating elements of the physical, functional, mental, emotional and energetic, as well as environmental impacts.

Using gentle muscle monitoring, we can access the body’s bio-feedback mechanism (our unconscious ability to function) to discover imbalances in the body system affecting health & wellbeing. 

Kinesiology can identify & indicate what is needed to rebalance affected systems, allowing healing to occur via the body’s self-healing process.

Rachel Mason Kinesiology

Rachel Mason Kinesiology
After discovering Kinesiology in 2004, Rachel achieved a Diploma in Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology) in 2007.
Special interest areas for Rachel are how we think and function, and the blocks associated with our conscious and unconscious systems. Neurology, brain input/output/processing, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, the senses, and the integration of thoughts and body function.

Kinesiology Session

Recommended for All Ages.

Client is fully clothed laying upright on a massage table. At times there may be some sitting, standing or movement required.

Just one session can result in great benefits, however at least three are recommended to fully delve into what is behind an issue.